Acne FAQ


I’m a dermatologist, I’m based in San Diego, and I specialize in treating acne. In the past couple months, I’ve treated 10,000 patients for acne via a website that I started. And the idea is that we help make it affordable for people to get acne care from an actual specialist. And today I will answer the most common questions about acne. So, let’s start.

“What products do you use to avoid oily skin and breakouts?”

Anything that’s like non-comedogenic (skincare formulated not to block pores) is best for your skin. What are some ingredients that you should avoid that could clog the pores? A lot of people get their pores clogged by something called:

  • Myristyl Myristate
  • and Isopropyl Palmitate.

And these are fatty esters that are the name of the molecule. And if you look at the back of the bottle and it has those ingredients in there, you can bet that your face is going to get clogged up with just a couple weeks of use. So, a trick from me given that you asked about what to do with oily skin, is if you want to use a moisturizer, use a gel moisturizer. And this is a lot less likely to contain poor clogging ingredients. It goes on smoothly and hopefully will help with your overall appearance and with the oiliness at the same time.

“How can I distinguish what kind of acne is caused by stressed, by my diet, or by my environment?”


One way to figure out the difference is to control one of them you can control. And it’s hard to monitor your environment; it’s hard to control your stress level, although you can do some things. But what you can do is cut out certain things from your diet and just eat a healthy diet for a month and stick to it. If that fixes your skin – then you know there was food causing it.

“What kind of food do you know that can help with acne as you consume it? I’ve tried kale juice and citrus green tea.”

I think most importantly is the food that makes acne worse. And a lot of people talking about the rumors “does chocolate make active acne worse?”,  and studies show that it doesn’t matter, which is great because chocolate is delicious. But the foods that I have noticed in all the patients I’ve seen that make acne worse are two things:


  • High glycemic index foods. So these are things with a lot of sugars and a lot of starches;
  • Dairy products like milk and ice cream.

And so if you can cut those two things out, it’ll make a bigger difference than anything to eat to help your acne. I’ve noticed huge differences with this stuff. And within a month maybe you might be able to see visible differences. And it’s the same case with me; my skin is much better when I’m not drinking milk. And the milk itself has hormones in it, and that’s sort of what drives oiliness for your skin and acne coming. And I imagine that those hormones can also affect how you feel in general. So, I think just cutting down on milk is a healthy thing to do.

Products That Enhance Breast Growth


Soy contains phytoestrogens – substances that have a similar effect of breast augmentation that has estrogen. Moreover, you can use a different form of soybeans, including soymilk, tofu, edamame.

Eating protein-rich foods also enhances breast growth. Eat eggs, cottage cheese, fish, meat, and cook protein shakes in order to achieve maximum results.

Sesame seeds and flax seeds are good for your health in general, and also contain phytoestrogens, which help to increase breast. Sesame is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and protein – this combination makes it possible to strengthen and enlarge breasts. You can eat them both raw and roasted. Add the seeds to salads and other dishes, choose a bakery with sesame seeds and flax. You can also apply sesame and linseed oil directly on the chest.


Fruits and vegetables also contain phytoestrogens but in smaller quantities. To increase the size of the chest, include to your diet sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, cherries, plums, figs, olives, papayas, pomegranates, apples.

Spices that contribute to breast augmentation: clove, ginger, turmeric, oregano, thyme, pepper, sage, red clover, anise. Grains and legumes: barley, oats, brown rice, chickpeas, peas, lentils, beans, alfalfa, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Herbs have been used successfully for centuries to increase the size of the breast, and they may be included in the diet in the form of powders, supplements or tea. Herbs stimulate the growth of breast tissue by eking the hormones in the body, while the process is more natural than when taking hormonal supplements. Fennel, Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam is rich in phytoestrogens and is known for their properties of breast augmentation. Red clover, Dong Qui, Blessed Thistle also promote the growth of breast tissue.


Treatment options in the form of creams, containing phytoestrogens as an active ingredient that is produced by the above plants, also help to increase the size of the breast. These creams are applied and act directly on the chest, without affecting other parts of the body. In addition, the cream for breast augmentation has a cosmetic effect, which can improve the appearance of the breast.

As a general rule, you should use natural methods of breast augmentation for several months to see results.

How To Improve Penile Girth Naturally


Listen, I don’t care what jelqing exercise you follow. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the sheer number of such exercises existence. I don’t care if it is an upward stroke, or downward stroke, or left stroke, or right stroke, or no stroke at all. Any exercise that traps more and more blood inside the penis by definition qualifies as jelqing. The idea is not to stroke against the skin. You are not building skin here. Don’t try this or you will be setting yourself up for many wasted hours or worse- an injury. What you are doing is you allow your penis to accommodate more and more blood. Every time you maximize the amount of blood inside your penis, you are pushing it to its maximum capacity. And you cause an internal strain, which then forces the penis to gradually adapt.

The Corpora’s Cavernosa walls expand, and the smooth muscle tissue inside your penis develops to accommodate more of the strain and more of the blood. Yes, I said smooth muscle tissue. While it is true that the penis is not entirely made of muscle, what muscle tissue exists inside is vital for erection size hardness.


Again the same warming rules apply before and after jelqing exercise.  The focus on your warm-up should be the shaft of the penis. Most importantly, however, is the healing that needs to take place after the jelqing exercise. Your strained penile tissues need to be healed the sooner, the better. That way you are better prepared for the next session of jelqing exercises, minimizing injury and making the same progress in a month, that you would otherwise make it in two or three months. The idea is simple: heal quicker to build quicker.

How do we heal quicker?


This takes us straight to the remaining pillars of successful penis enlargement. It should not come as a surprise to you that each of these pillars deal one way or another with an improved circulatory system.

First, your blood should be well fortified with the nutrients necessary for quicker healing:

  • proteins
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • trace minerals
  • proper hydration

All of these should be in place your for your rate of healing and bring about the maximum penile growth and minimum time will suffer.

Second your body’s pH must be alkaline or as close to it as possible. It is well known that if the environment outside the cells is too acidic, then the cell won’t be able to entirely expel all the acidic metabolic byproducts out, leaving little room for healing nutrients to reach them even if the cells are practically surrounded by them.


The preceding two pillars are all the more vital when you take into account the fact that human blood typically loses a lot of its alkalinity and nutrients by the time it reaches our extremities such as our fingers, toes, skull, genitals and so on. This is because it spent much of its nutrients in all the other major organs and tissues on the way from the heart and the lungs to rest of the body. And this is to ensure human survival.

So if you want to make sure your penis derives much benefit from your blood alkalinity and nutrients, pay particular heat to the previous two pillars to ensure much faster healing.

How To Treat The Lack Of Female Desire?

It seems to be common knowledge that women tend to have a lower level of libido. It is especially true for women in later age, especially those who have a bear child before. So many ways can be done in order to treat this type of condition. Here are some of the best ways to treat low sexual desire in women.

Taking more estrogen


Some women like new mothers tend to lack in female desire because they have a low level of estrogen level. Low estrogen level can make sex painful for women as it gives them dryness down there. If that is the main problem, you can always take a little estrogen supplement. There are so many different types of estrogen supplement out there. You can take the pill form which can be consumed, or you can use estrogen patch. Despite so, estrogen cream might be the most recommendable one as they are highly functional.

Eastern Medicine of Acupuncture


Have you ever heard about the technique of acupuncture? It is an easter treatment where the needle is attached to your body to a certain point. In results, it can reduce stress, anxiety, and many other causes of low sexual desire in women. According to some research, women who experienced low sex drive tend to find acupuncture helpful in so many ways. Almost ninety percent of women have reported an increase in their libido right after they start an acupuncture. You should definitely use it for your option in treating low libido level.

Doing regular yoga


Another eastern treatment that can actually solve your low female libido would be yoga. Doing yoga is very useful in increasing your female sex drive in so many different ways. For instance, it reduces stress and anxiety that has been known as a cause of low sex drive. Because it centers your mind and make your metabolism better, you get to have a better body and mind. This will help in increasing your sex drive especially when it comes to the urge to have sex. Try doing yoga and see if it is the right treatment for you.

More Testosterone


Apparently testosterone is not just a hormone specifically found in men. Women also need a balanced amount of testosterone in order to have a healthy sex life. Sadly women’s amount of testosterone will decrease in such a significant number especially after having a child. You can try on a testosterone treatment which is basically you should take a testosterone addition to your body. You can do it in different ways whether it is orally or through injection. By having more testosterone, you will have more urge to have sex in life.

Going on a diet


Finally, you can try to increase your sex drive through the most natural way that is by eating right. There are several foods that you need to consume in order to increase your libido. A very particular diet called Mediterranean diet is excellent to increase your sex drive. This diet is mainly involving high protein and plenty of aphrodisiac consumption ingredients. Thus, you can incorporate foods like olives, seafood, oysters, ham, and so many different others. The most important thing is to try not to take too much salt and fat that might trigger other health problems such as cholesterol and also heart attack.

Natural Male Enhancement Strategy That Works


In a modern time like this, sexual prowess can be manipulated using medicines. You can take pills or creams in order to increase your sexuality. When it comes to male enhancement products such as pills, creams, or patches, there is just no guarantee that it will work. In addition, we just do not have any way of knowing that they are safe for our body. It is always better to use a natural male enhancement strategy using natural techniques. Here are several natural techniques or strategy that you can apply to your male enhancement process.

Doing Jelqing


Jelqing is a long tradition of making your penis bigger from the Arabic world. It has been proved to work especially when it comes to making your penis girth bigger. The method itself is very straightforward. First, make your hand into an “ok” sign with your point finger and your thumb. Then, massage your penis from the shaft to the head of the penis using that two fingers. Remember to stay in a flaccid state when you are doing this jelqing method. You can do this several times a day, preferably two times in the day and night. For a better result, do it for ten minutes for each session.

Doing penis stretching


Other than penis jelqing, there is also what they call as penis stretching. This is just a natural way to make your penis longer. While jelqing is all about the girth, penis stretching is all about the length. If you want to do it, first, grab your penis by its head. Stretch it horizontally against your direction. Do not pull it too hard, just do it in a comfortable way. After that, hold your penis in that position for several minutes before resting. You can do this also two times a day for ten minutes for the best result.

Taking natural herbs


There are a lot of herbs and spices that you can eat in order to enlarge your penis. And we’re not talking about male enhancement pills and their ingredients. Therefore, they are generally safe for our body. You can take several herbs like the Yohimbe bark from Africa to enlarge your penis. The Yohimbe bark is known to enlarge your penis from within. Or you can opt for herbs like fenugreek seed or horny goat weed which are both aphrodisiac but can also increase the size of your penis.

Doing Kegel


It seems very questionable that Kegel can be used to increase the size of your penis. But in fact, it is one of the best ways to enlarge your penis. You can do it through the control of PC muscle in your penis. By exercising this particular muscle, you can bring more blood flow into your penis than before. More blood flow means that you can have bigger penis size. That is why you should be doing Kegels to increase the chance to enlarge your penis. You can also combine this method with other penis enlargement methods above.

How To Control Ejaculation Time

Ejaculation Time

premature ejaculation

There are some things that we should know about sex where one of them is about the ejaculation time. This is actually an issue that is mainly suffered by men since the ejaculation time varies. Despite its variedness, ejaculation time can be a significant problem for men especially when they are ejaculating too soon. It is actually one of the sexual issues for men that should be anticipated as quickly as possible. Some of us may think that this matter is not a big deal whatsoever. However, it becomes a big deal not for the men but for their sexual partner. Ejaculating too soon may cause dissatisfaction for the sexual partner since the sexual intercourse will take a very short time. According to some scientific studies, women need more time to reach their orgasm, an ejaculation term for women, comparing to men. This is where the problem starts where men reach their ejaculation time too early whereas women need much more time to reach theirs. Though it may appear as a small issue, some severe consequences such as broken marriage or unhealthy relationship may occur because of this ejaculation issue.

Many Solutions

There are fortunately many solutions to solve this problem. The first solution would be to consult a doctor. This is probably the best solution so far since doctors know better than us where they will supposedly give us the best solution for controlling our ejaculation time.


Another solution is to consume some pills that are specially made to longer men’s ejaculation time. Such ejaculation pills can be found easily in the health stores or even in the online stores. Delay ejaculation pills is something you should try first. However, consuming those pills need a further assistance from the experts in order to know the future effects and the effectiveness of the pills.

The third solution would be from the way that we do sexual intercourse. Many experts suggest that ejaculation time can be controlled once we know how to delay our ejaculation at the right time. Different people, different maximum time to delay their ejaculation time and this can be the quickest solution for controlling the ejaculation time.