How To Treat The Lack Of Female Desire?

It seems to be common knowledge that women tend to have a lower level of libido. It is especially true for women in later age, especially those who have a bear child before. So many ways can be done in order to treat this type of condition. Here are some of the best ways to treat low sexual desire in women.

Taking more estrogen


Some women like new mothers tend to lack in female desire because they have a low level of estrogen level. Low estrogen level can make sex painful for women as it gives them dryness down there. If that is the main problem, you can always take a little estrogen supplement. There are so many different types of estrogen supplement out there. You can take the pill form which can be consumed, or you can use estrogen patch. Despite so, estrogen cream might be the most recommendable one as they are highly functional.

Eastern Medicine of Acupuncture


Have you ever heard about the technique of acupuncture? It is an easter treatment where the needle is attached to your body to a certain point. In results, it can reduce stress, anxiety, and many other causes of low sexual desire in women. According to some research, women who experienced low sex drive tend to find acupuncture helpful in so many ways. Almost ninety percent of women have reported an increase in their libido right after they start an acupuncture. You should definitely use it for your option in treating low libido level.

Doing regular yoga


Another eastern treatment that can actually solve your low female libido would be yoga. Doing yoga is very useful in increasing your female sex drive in so many different ways. For instance, it reduces stress and anxiety that has been known as a cause of low sex drive. Because it centers your mind and make your metabolism better, you get to have a better body and mind. This will help in increasing your sex drive especially when it comes to the urge to have sex. Try doing yoga and see if it is the right treatment for you.

More Testosterone


Apparently testosterone is not just a hormone specifically found in men. Women also need a balanced amount of testosterone in order to have a healthy sex life. Sadly women’s amount of testosterone will decrease in such a significant number especially after having a child. You can try on a testosterone treatment which is basically you should take a testosterone addition to your body. You can do it in different ways whether it is orally or through injection. By having more testosterone, you will have more urge to have sex in life.

Going on a diet


Finally, you can try to increase your sex drive through the most natural way that is by eating right. There are several foods that you need to consume in order to increase your libido. A very particular diet called Mediterranean diet is excellent to increase your sex drive. This diet is mainly involving high protein and plenty of aphrodisiac consumption ingredients. Thus, you can incorporate foods like olives, seafood, oysters, ham, and so many different others. The most important thing is to try not to take too much salt and fat that might trigger other health problems such as cholesterol and also heart attack.