How To Control Ejaculation Time

Ejaculation Time

premature ejaculation

There are some things that we should know about sex where one of them is about the ejaculation time. This is actually an issue that is mainly suffered by men since the ejaculation time varies. Despite its variedness, ejaculation time can be a significant problem for men especially when they are ejaculating too soon. It is actually one of the sexual issues for men that should be anticipated as quickly as possible. Some of us may think that this matter is not a big deal whatsoever. However, it becomes a big deal not for the men but for their sexual partner. Ejaculating too soon may cause dissatisfaction for the sexual partner since the sexual intercourse will take a very short time. According to some scientific studies, women need more time to reach their orgasm, an ejaculation term for women, comparing to men. This is where the problem starts where men reach their ejaculation time too early whereas women need much more time to reach theirs. Though it may appear as a small issue, some severe consequences such as broken marriage or unhealthy relationship may occur because of this ejaculation issue.

Many Solutions

There are fortunately many solutions to solve this problem. The first solution would be to consult a doctor. This is probably the best solution so far since doctors know better than us where they will supposedly give us the best solution for controlling our ejaculation time.


Another solution is to consume some pills that are specially made to longer men’s ejaculation time. Such ejaculation pills can be found easily in the health stores or even in the online stores. Delay ejaculation pills is something you should try first. However, consuming those pills need a further assistance from the experts in order to know the future effects and the effectiveness of the pills.

The third solution would be from the way that we do sexual intercourse. Many experts suggest that ejaculation time can be controlled once we know how to delay our ejaculation at the right time. Different people, different maximum time to delay their ejaculation time and this can be the quickest solution for controlling the ejaculation time.